The Offical History Of Kingston Upon Hull City Transport

A Brief History.
The Tram Fleet.
The Trolleybus Fleet.
The pre-war Fleet.
The Motorbus Fleet. (Open Platform)
The Motorbus Fleet. (Atlanteans)
The Motorbus Fleet ( Post 1975)
Motorbus Saloons Post 1945
The Stagecoach Fleet.

Hull's famous "Coronation" trolleybus 111 on Beverley High Road with Sunbeam F4 trolleybus 100.

Hello !
This site is going to be put together over the next few months to try and show a detailed history of the public transport system in Kingston Upon Hull from 1899 when Hull City Tramways came into being , through to the trolleybus and motorbus days and onto the presant day with Stagecoach in Hull. It will take time so Keep checking to see updates as i plan to show as many of the 6,000 prints i have of the former Transport Department, many of which have been unseen!
If you have anything you would like to see, please e-mail me at with any ideas you may have!